The MSPECIFY® utility software program is utilized to create and configure the hardware and software parameters for the MeasureOD® System and is included at no additional charge. This utility program allows you to change/edit the following attributes for a given Laser Micrometer measurement setup.

  • Upper Specification Limit
  • Lower Specification Limit
  • Manufacturing Line Speed (reference only)
  • Upper Graphical Limit
  • Lower Graphical Limit
  • Number of Averages (per measurement)
  • XY Axis Averaging (if a dual axis LM system is utilized)
  • CPK Level
  • Interface Type
The User may define and store up to 1,000 unique test configurations or recipes. The configurations are stored on our Internet-based MySQL Server which allows multiple instances of the software to access them without having to load them on individual workstations.

mSPECIFY for measureOD Screenshot