We offer the following variants of the MeasureOD® program.


Lump and Neckdown Detection

The Lump and Neckdown Version of the MeasureOD® Software includes the capability of detecting and counting lumps and neckdowns (circumferential surface defects) during the measurement process. The overview system includes the capability to detect a defect at or about 0.25 inch long with a line speed of 1,500 feet/minute (450 meters/minute). A slower line speed will allow a shorter defect length.

Learn more about MeasureOD® Software with Fault detection by watching our Youtube video.


MultiWire MeasureOD®

MultiWire (MW) MeasureOD® Software is capable of measuring between one (1) and six (6) wires simultaneously when paired with the Keyence LS-9501 series system. The Software completely programs the Keyence LS-9501 for operation — there is no need for the User to install or use the Keyence LS-Navigator2 Software

You can learn more about the MW MeasureOD® Software System by watching our Youtube video.


Edge Measurement MeasureOD®

Edge Measurement (EM) MeasureOD® is the Software solution for measuring the actual (effective) tool diameter and runout of machine tools such as drill bits, end mills, reamers, and cutting tools. This Software tool was written to take advantage of the Keyence P/N LS-9501 Controller paired with a Keyence P/N LS-9XXX Optical Micrometer.

To learn more about the EM MeasureOD® Software System please watch our Youtube video.



The MeasureOD® System is the software platform that provides tools and information for every User of the data generated by your Laser or Optical Micrometer hardware systems. The SOFTWARE provides a uniform User Interface regardless of the connecting measurement hardware.  

You can learn more about the MeasureOD® SPC Software System by watching our Youtube video.